Design Services

Because we have an in house design consultant (Beverley Horsley) we are able to offer a wide variety of design services that can be commissioned independently or conveniently linked in to the other services we provide. For example:

Corporate Image (House Style) Design

Logo, letter heads and document layouts (for reports, brochures etc.) - beyond the pure design element we ensure our designs are workable in the real world (i.e. considering elements such as image degradation when photocopied or faxed etc). This can be linked to other services to provide templates and macros in popular software packages to utilise the new designs. When using our workflow services we can ensure that all automatically created documents meet a consistent house style to present a professional image to your clients and business partners.

Examples of corporate images we have created are:

Organisation Consulting Partnership's logo and letterhead was designed by Beverley along with styles (including selection of typefaces and colours) used in their corporate material
Workware's logo was designed by Beverley with a specific brief to design an image that lent itself to being used as an icon for software products as well as clearly identifying the company in traditional printed media.
Our own logo and image was also designed by Beverley. Again the logo lends itself to being used as an icon and has been setup as a vector graphic allowing smooth scaling to any size required. We are rightfully proud of this image and even our clients have commented favourably - a true quote in response to a report we had produced is "I never cease to be impressed by your logo. The content seems OK as well.".